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2013 Above & Beyond Awards Ceremony Honors 42 LAPD Heroes

Thanks to Verizon for being the 2013 Above & Beyond Awards Ceremony Presenting Sponsor. Pictured here is Glenn Eggert, Business to Business Director for the Southern California Region of Verizon Wireless, accepting a special LAPF plaque from Chief Beck, Mayor Garcetti and LAPF Board Chair Jim Wiatt.

On Thursday, September 19, 42 LAPD heroes were awarded the Department's highest honors - the Medal of Valor or the Purple Heart award - at the Second Annual Above & Beyond Awards Ceremony.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and nearly 850 guests were joined by Master of Ceremonies Chris Schauble from KTLA to honor the LAPD officers who had gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep our city safe.

Schauble retold the harrowing, inspiring and crime-fighting stories of the officers' exceptional bravery and heroism that included incidents going all the way back to 1946. Some made the ultimate sacrifice and many still carry the wounds they received during the incidents for which they were recognized.

Events inspiring the awards include the 1965 "Surry Street Shootout" in Hollywood, during which a man causing a disturbance and armed with a shotgun, rifle and revolver took an officer hostage and barricaded himself inside a house. For 90 minutes, 50 officers battled with the suspect until teargas finally enabled them to take him into custody. Three of today"s honorees are veterans of the historic shootout, which led Daryl F. Gates changing police tactics for handling snipers and barricaded criminals. Thus was born the elite, well-known Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, commonly known as the SWAT Team.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us honor our heroes in blue!

Luella Tralle and David Tralle, daughter and grandson of LAPD Reserve Policeman George Booker Mogle, accept the Purple Heart on his behalf from Chief Charlie Beck. Mogle was tragically killed while apprehending a robbery suspect in 1946.

Chief Beck poses with retired LAPD officer Ronald G. Mueller who was presented the Purple Heart for critical injuries he received in the "Surry Street Shootout".


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2013 True Blue Gala Honors Rick J. Caruso

Chief Charlie Beck and LAPF Chairman Lloyd Greif present the 2013 True Blue Award to Rick J. Caruso, Founder and CEO of Caruso Affiliated.

On Thursday, May 2, 2013, Hollywood, California, the Los Angeles Police Foundation (LAPF) honored L.A. developer virtuoso Rick Caruso at the 15th Anniversary True Blue Gala. This spectacular event took place on Paramount Pictures' backlot where more than 700 attendees feasted on Wolfgang Puck's fare and witnessed LAPD's finest in action.

Rick J. Caruso, Founder and CEO of Caruso Affiliated, was presented with the prestigious True Blue Award for his extraordinary commitment to public safety, our community and those in need.

"The Los Angeles Police Department is pleased that the Los Angeles Police Foundation chose to honor Mr. Rick Caruso with the 2013 True Blue Award," said Chief Beck. "Over the years, Rick has shown his leadership and commitment to the City of Los Angeles in many ways. His contributions to the success of the Los Angeles Police Department have been far-reaching. From his days as a Police Commissioner, his commitment to public safety remains unwavering. I am profoundly grateful for Rick's unending support of both the Los Angeles Police Department and the community we serve. In the years ahead, we look forward to continuing our relationship with Mr. Rick Caruso, one of our City's most visionary and influential advocates."

On hand to help pay tribute to Caruso was Master of Ceremony, Mario Lopez, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, LAPF Board Chairman Lloyd Greif and True Blue Gala Event Chairs Jeff Glassman and Jim Wiatt who all gave heartfelt praise for Caruso's tremendous efforts and support of the LAPD. And Paul Anka, accompanied by a 16-piece orchestra, entertained Caruso and the True Blue guests.

Rick Caruso said, "I have a deep respect for and loyalty to LAPD. I was able to see first-hand and up-close the amazing work they do every single day. The men and women of LAPD don't just protect our communities, they connect our communities. I am honored to receive this award and look forward to championing the department for many years to come."

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True Blue Gala!

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